The African American Philosophy and the Diaspora Book Series

African American intellectual history is replete with profound reflections and criticisms of a philosophical nature on the historical experiences of African descendant peoples in the Americas. The philosophic thought of African American men and women on prevailing American conceptions of freedom, liberation, race, equality, democracy, and personhood, have been among the most philosophically fecund in all of the Americas. Even where this work was not carried out by men and women with formal training in philosophy, its relevance and usefulness, to say nothing of its critical veracity, and argumentative force, in addressing deep philosophical issues is undeniable. Moreover, this body of intellectual work forms the canonical foundation of a great deal of contemporary philosophical activity. … [Read more...]

Locke’s Philosophy: Philosophic Values and World Citizenship

"Philosophic Values and World Citizenship is a Sankofan knockout to the all too common conversations in American philosophy that continue to overlook the significance of Alain Locke in pragmatism, preferring instead the stolid rhetoric of canonical figures—like John Dewey or Josiah Royce—who held incomplete (racially excluding) democratic visions. Carter and Harris have compiled an array of primary texts and secondary reflections that demonstrate the innovative foresight and conceptual resources held in Alain Locke's philosophy, with the power awaken us from our Obama-era lullabies and convey to us the seriousness and assiduity needed to achieve an actual cosmopolitan vision."—Tommy J. Curry, Texas A&M University See All Reviews At Lexington Books In Philosophic Values and World … [Read more...]

Alain Locke’s Haiti Lectures in French

LE ROLE DU NEGRE DANS LA CULTURE DES AMÉRIQUES Alain LEROY LOCKE Présentation d’Anthony MANGEON Mangeon provides for the first time Locke's six lectures on Haiti, translated and published in French. In addition, he translated into French Locke's: “American literary tradition and the Negro” (1926), “The Negro in American Culture” (1939) and “Color : Unfinished business of Democracy” (1942). It also comes with biographical and bibliographical notes on (almost) everyone quoted in the papers. Mangeon has brought Locke's work back to the French speaking world. … [Read more...]

New Book: Alain Locke Biography

View Cover Endorsements by Appiah, Rampersad, and West Order Today from University of Chicago Press Leonard Harris and Charles Molesworth Alain L. Locke: The Biography of a Philosopher 448 pages, 21 halftones 6 x 9 © 2008 Philosophy professor Harris and English professor Molesworth fuse disciplines in this groundbreaking study of Locke (1885–1954), the preeminent African-American aesthetician and philosopher in the years between WWI and WWII, most familiar as the editor of the New Negro, “the chief group presentation of the values and interests of the Harlem Renaissance.” The authors are painstakingly detailed along the usual biographical path—childhood, education (Harvard; Oxford, where Locke was the first African-American Rhodes scholar), work (Howard University professor, … [Read more...]